Personalized Plates

The fee for personalized prestige plates is $30. Personalized plates display the county designation and will be sent to that county's treasurer office to be issued to the customer.

 Allowable Combinations: 
  • Maximum of 5 letters or a combination of 5 letters, numbers, and spaces
  • Only capital letters and Arabic numbers
  • No symbols
  • No combination with more than three W's or M's
  • No combination of entirely numbers unless the first digit is a zero (0)
  • No combination consisting entirely of numbers followed by a single alphabetic suffix (e.g. 11A, 12B, 123C)
  • No combination that spells, suggests, abbreviates, or otherwise stands for language that is obscene, vulgar, or indecent
  • No combination that duplicates a currently issued plate or conflicts with a series of letter and number combinations on a regular issue license plate
new series - SAMPL
Personalized plates with the same combination may be issued in different counties or on different vehicle types. For instance, there may be a 1-HUNT and a 13-HUNT as well as a HUNT in county 13 for a trailer, truck, car and motorcycle.

Search available combinations through WYDOT, view the application, or order online.