What if I purchase a vehicle out of state?
Normally, dealers will not collect sales tax from non-residents on vehicle sales. So, if you purchase a vehicle in Denver, they will usually not collect sales tax, and you will pay 5% use tax (if a Converse County resident) at the Treasurer's Office. If a dealer does collect sales tax, the State of Wyoming will give you credit towards the use tax you owe. In other words, if you pay 5% sales tax in Michigan, Wyoming will credit that payment towards the 5% use tax you owe in Wyoming, and you won't pay any tax as long as you can provide a receipt for the tax you paid.

If you pay 7% sales tax in another state, the State of Wyoming will credit that 7% towards the 5% you owe, and again you will owe no sales or use tax in Wyoming. However, the state will not issue a refund for the additional 2% collected by the other state. If you pay 4% sales tax in another state, Wyoming will credit the 4% towards the 5% owed, and the Treasurer's Office will collect an additional 1% tax.

If you finance the sales tax with your vehicle payment, the auto dealer must remit the entire amount of the sales tax collected before you can register your vehicle. Normally, dealers send it directly to the Treasurer's Office and you receive a receipt in the mail. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that the dealer pays the sales tax to the Treasurer's Office.

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