What's a sales or use tax?
Sales Tax is a tax levied on any sale of tangible property that takes place within the State of Wyoming. Use Tax is a tax levied on the sale of any tangible property that takes place outside of the State of Wyoming, for use, storage or consumption in Wyoming. Use taxes are levied because the state cannot legally impose a sales tax on transactions that take place beyond the state's border.

Rates for sales and use taxes are the same. Currently, the sales tax rate for the State of Wyoming, as set by the legislature, is 4%. Converse County also has an optional 1% sales tax levied by the county, which makes the sales tax rate in Converse County 5%. Other counties, like Niobrara, have additional capital facilities taxes that can make their rates go as high as 6%. The rate you pay when you purchase a vehicle depends on your place of residency.

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1. What's a sales or use tax?
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