When does sales tax have to be paid?

Sales tax is due on a vehicle each time the title is transferred to a new person in exchange for money or other consideration (parts, work, or more). Important: Wyoming law requires that sales tax must be paid on a vehicle within 60 days of the date of purchase . The 60 days includes weekends and holidays. If the sales tax is not paid within 60 days, the following charges apply: - a "civil fee" of $25 - interest at 1% per month the payment is overdue, commencing on the 66th day. - at 10 days past the due date, the "civil fees" becomes: $25 or 10%, whichever is higher. The 60 day period will begin running from the date on the invoice if the vehicle is purchased from a dealer, or the on a bill of sale or when the title was notarized if the vehicle is purchased from an individual. Sales tax can be paid at any time with or without the title being processed within the 60 days. For example, if a person purchases a vehicle for $20,000, and pays the sales tax on the 76th day, they would pay: Sales Tax (5%) - $1,000 Civil Fee (10% of $1,000) - $100 Interest (1% of $1,000) - $10 Total - $1,110

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