How do tax deeds work?
If the landowner does not redeem the certificate within 4 years from the date of the sale, the CP holder is entitled to file for a tax deed. A tax deed conveys the ownership of the property to the CP holder, subject to any special assessments. The actual statute [39-13-108(vii)(B)] says: "Any grantee of a tax deed ... and successors in title are entitled to possession of the real property conveyed by the deed and the deed is prima facie evidence to title to the property described subject to special assessments for local and public improvements."

Wyoming law also prescribes a strict procedure that must be followed in order to properly apply to the Treasurer's Office for a tax deed. It is the burden of the CP holder to make sure all the steps are followed properly, and failure to follow the procedure could result in the invalidation of the tax deed, should it ever be challenged in court.

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