How do I find out what's for sale and where it is?
Before purchasing any certificate at the tax sale, it's a good idea to find out a little bit about the property. After all, there's a chance you could end up owning it. The advertisement the Treasurer's Office runs for the 3 weeks prior to the sale lists the legal descriptions of all the property that could be offered at the tax sale (some property owners will pay their taxes during that 3 weeks, removing their property from the sale).

The County Assessor's Office can show a legal description and, if they have it, a look on the map to see what the parcel consists of and where it is located. It's also a good idea to take the legal description to the County Clerk's Office and check to see if there are any outstanding liens against the property. Although Wyoming Statutes indicate that a purchaser could take a Tax Deed subject only to special assessment liens, knowing the status of the property could help avoid problems later. When it comes to purchasing certificates on properties at the tax sale, it's definitely buyer beware.

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