County Fair Board

 The Fair Board serves at the pleasure of the Converse County Commissioners, and is advisory to them. Every member of the Fair Board is volunteer. The purpose of the Fair Board is to ensure the successful promotion, production, and execution of Fair each year. The Fair Board shall work with the University of Wyoming Extension Educator to help ensure Fair programming is of high quality and that programming improves annually as needed.
All applications must be submitted to the Converse County Clerk's Office.

You can download the application on the right, call the Converse County Fair Board Office at 307-358-5438, or e-mail .

Fair Board Members

Following is a list of current board members and  position termination dates.  You can also click here for a listing of current board members and the County Fair Website: Converse County Fair 


Name Appointed/Reappt Term Expires
Nick Ladd Sept 2021 (reappointment) Sept 2024
Stacey Etchemendy Nov 2023 (reappointment) Sept 2026
Jim Dona March 2023 (unexpired 3-year term) Sept 2025
Karmin Addleman June 2023 (unexpired 3-year term) Sept 2026
Giselle Grimes Nov 2023 Sept 2026