Wyoming Sales Tax

Wyoming has had sales and use taxes since 1935. Sales tax applies to the retail sale of personal property or services. The purchaser generally pays the tax and in the case of motor vehicle sales, the responsibility for collecting the tax and remitting it to the state falls on the County Treasurer.

There are several important things about paying sales tax in Wyoming:
  • If a vehicle is purchased from a dealership, a bill of sale must be presented.
  • Sales tax must be paid within 60 days of purchase.
  • The sales tax rate you pay is based on your place of residency.
Sales Tax is a tax levied on any sale of tangible property that takes place within the State of Wyoming. Use Tax is a tax levied on the sale of any tangible property that takes place outside of the State of Wyoming, for use, storage or consumption in Wyoming. Use taxes are levied because the state cannot legally impose a sales tax on transactions that take place beyond the state's border.
Rates for sales and use taxes are the same. Currently, the sales tax rate for the State of Wyoming, as set by the legislature, is 4%. Converse County also has an optional 1% sales tax levied by the county, which makes the sales tax rate in Converse County 5%. Other counties, like Niobrara, have additional capital facilities taxes that can make their rates go as high as 6%. The rate you pay when you purchase a vehicle depends on your place of residency.

  1. County Treasurer

    Physical Address
    107 N 5th Street
    Suite 129
    Douglas, WY 82633


  2. Glenrock Office

    Physical Address
    319 West Birch Street
    Suite 208
    Glenrock, WY 82637