The State of Wyoming, counties, cities and towns all benefit from sales and use tax collections. Each month, the Treasurer's Office sends the sales tax collections to the Wyoming Department of Revenue, who distributes the money to the State, Cities, Towns and Counties.

The State of Wyoming keeps the majority of the 4% State Sales Tax -- 69%.  After deducting a 1% administrative fee, the State distributes the remaining 31% to cities, towns and counties based on population.  

In Converse County, that means the City of Douglas gets 44% of the distribution, while Converse County gets 34%, the Town of Glenrock 19% and the Town of Rolling Hills 3%.  

Counties that have 1% Optional Sales Taxes (like Converse County) or a 1% Capital Facilities Tax keep 100% of the additional 1% collected.
For example, if a vehicle is purchased in Casper (4% state + 1% optional) and the sales tax is paid in Converse County (4% state + 1% optional), the Department of Revenue would distribute the 1% to , place two-thirds of the 4% in the State General Fund and distribute the other one-third

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