Recreational Purchases

Watercraft purchased in Wyoming
When purchased from a dealer, the dealer will normally collect sales tax on the boat and motor. Sales tax on the trailer will have to be paid at the time the boat trailer is licensed, and is collected by the Treasurer's Office. If the boat is purchased from an individual, or the dealer does not collect the sales tax, it may also be paid to the Treasurer's Office at the time the boat trailer is licensed. The Treasurer's Office will then issue a receipt showing sales tax has been paid.

Important: The Game & Fish Department requires proof that sales tax has been paid on a boat before they will issue a boat registration. Therefore, it is important to keep any receipt that shows sales tax has been paid. 

Click here to register your watercraft with Wyoming Game and Fish.

Motorcycles, Multi Purpose Vehicles, and Dirt Bikes bought from a Wyoming Dealership.
If a motorcycle, dirt bike, or multi purpose vehicle are purchased from a Wyoming dealership, the dealership will collect the sales tax.  The sales tax collected will be the counties sales tax rate for that county.