Temporary Mobile Machinery

Temporary Mobile Machinery stickers are based on a few values. There is a County Fee which is a formula calculation based on the equipment, and a State Fee which is $16.00.

For the County Fee calculation you will need:
1) Factory Price of the vehicle - This is what it was worth new, the MSRP
2) How many days you want to register

These 2 values are then plugged into a specific formula using the Tax Rate and the current years Average Mills.

The Formula is - 
Factory Cost * Tax Rate (9.5%) * Mills (.056481 for 2016) * Days registered / 360.

For an example we are going to use a $100,000 piece of machinery for 90 days.

100,000 * 9.5% = 9,500 (this is the factory price times the tax rate)
9,500 * 0.056481 = 536.57 (this is the result from above times the mill levies)
536.57 * 90 = 48,291.30 (this is the result from above times the number of days)
48,291.30 / 360 = 134.14 (this is the result from above divided by 360 days)

So the County Fee for a $100,000 equipment for 90 days is $134.14. Add in the $16.00 State Fee and the total comes to $150.14. That will be the price of 90 day temporary registration.