Special Projects

Current Projects

Responsibilities and Functions
  • Administration  of County's Subdivision Regulations
    • Any division of a parcel eighty (80) acres or less requires a subdivision permit.  Sale of any parcel larger than eighty (80) acres is exempt from this requirement.
  • Assist the public in conceptualization and formulation of development proposals to include family exemptions.
  • Maintaining thorough documentation of subdivision proposals and proceedings
  • Staff support for the County Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Coordination of projects with the County Commissioners
  • Coordination of updates to the Land Use Plan
  • Distribution and tracking of Notices of Industrial Activity 
  • Mapping projects
  • Researching County Road histories and their easements. 
  • Grant writing and administration for road reconstruction, building enhancements and renovations
  • Issuing septic permits for small wastewater systems within the County as a delegated County to the Department of Environmental Quality / Water Quality Division
    • The Water and Wastewater Program is meant to provide a sanitary and environmentally responsible way of disposing of domestic wastewater that will minimize the impact on ground and surface water as well as reduce exposure to potential disease causing organisms.  Program oversight is limited to less than 2,000 gallons/day of domestic sewage for each household or business.  Permits are required to construct, modify or to upgrade wastewater systems.