Converse County is a hot spot for historical findings. There are 3 amazing museums for you to explore!

Glenrock Deer Creek Museum

935 W Birch
Glenrock, Wyoming 82637

Paleontological Museum

The Glenrock Paleontology Museum is concerned with the process of cleaning, repairing and exhibiting fossil remains. The museum was started after the discovery of a Triceratops skull just outside of Glenrock in 1994. They offer 1-day excursions and week long programs allowing participants to help excavate and prepare fossils.

Pioneer Museum

The Pioneer museum is located on the Wyoming State Fair Grounds. There you will find many historical artifacts and an array of Native American Indian clothing, pottery and tools; World War I and II guns and swords, and even the original bar from the LaBonte Inn dating back to 1914.