Financial Data through OpenGov

Welcome to OpenGov

Welcome to Converse County’s Financial Transparency site, where we encourage citizens to browse the county’s financial data in an interactive, engaging manner.  We have partnered with the government transparency experts at OpenGov to bring unprecedented access to review every dollar the county spends and receives.

The Converse County Treasurer's Office has put together a few helpful videos about exploring and working with OpenGov. You can find the videos by viewing the Training page.

This is a very powerful website, and it can take practice to move around all of the information that is presented. If you would like to dive right in, we have quick links located to the right that will take you to the front page of each section.


Each chart has a table below that lists the dollar amounts on which the graph is based. There are controls at the top that change the way the information is displayed and filters on the left that let the user customize the information, allowing them to choose exactly what aspect of the county’s finances they are interested in viewing. You can break down the information by selection as shown in the image to the right.
OpenGov Optional Selection Breakdown Graphic
You can switch between multiple types of charts to suit your needs. You can see an example of what the graphs look like with the image to the right. Also take note of the reset button above the chart that will reset the view to its default state.
Example of a Graph on OpenGov


Below are some topics to help in getting started on what the OpenGov site can show you as a citizen.


How much does the county spend each year from the General Fund and what do they spend it on?

In addition you can break that down into individual amounts, like how much does the county spend on the following topics:

In addition how much of the 6th cent special purpose tax has been spent on EWC? How about the Library


Links to Learn More About Expense & Revenues

These are just examples of what you can find with the OpenGov system. It can be as basic as finding out what the County's total revenue is, and can be as intricate as finding out what each specific department spends on office supplies.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at the Converse County Treasurer's Office. We would like to find out what you think. We can also be contacted by sending an email to Joel Schell.