Tier II Reporting

Tier II Reports

Wyoming has contracted with Aristatek to process TIER II reports. Wyoming does not charge a filing fee.

The TIER II Submit portal is: https://wyo.tieriiportal.aristatek.com. You only need to make one submittal to this link and Aristatek will distribute to the required parties.



Converse County Emergency Management Agency (CCEMA) is the "Office of Record" for the Converse County Local Emergency Planning Committee, for Tier II reporting. All Converse County Tier II reports, Hazardous Materials operational Procedures with accompanying inventory forms, safety data sheets are being housed by the Converse County Emergency Management Agency. All historical information is at a repository with Wyoming Office of Homeland Security.

The Office of Homeland Security will review any and all requests for public review of these inventory forms and safety data sheets.

Tier II Reports are to be filed by March 1 of each year, with the Local Emergency Planning Committee, the Fire Departments with jurisdiction over the facility and the State Emergency Response Commission.