Filing Fees

Payment Methods

Filing Fees may be paid by cash, check, money order or cashier's check, payable to Clerk of District Court. (We reserve the right to refuse a payment.)
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Filing Fees

Item Cost
Adoption $160
Civil $160
Claim for Child Support Abatement $10
Confidential Intermediary for Adoption Information $120
Domestic Relations $160
Will ( with petition only) No charge
Guardianship and Conservatorship $160
Objection to Claim of Abatement $10
Registration of Foreign Judgment $120
Re-open for Modification $160
Transcript of Judgment $100

Jury Demand Fees

Item Cost
6 Person Jury $50
12 Person Jury $150

Appeal to Supreme Court

Item Cost
District Court Fee (all checks payable to Clerk of District Court) $100
Supreme Court Fee (all checks payable to Supreme Court) $140

Appeal and Review to District Court

Item Cost
District Court Fee (all checks payable to Clerk of District Court

Petition for Review from Administrative Agency


Pro Se Domestic Relations Packet

Item Cost
Packets include instructions and forms for Pro Se (Do it yourself) Divorces, Modifications, Establish Custody, Visitation and Support, Abatement's, Name Change (Adult & Minor), Guardianship (Adult&minor), Order to Show Cause Packet

Other Fees

Item Cost
Authentication $5 per document
Copies from Files (per document) $1 for first page
$0.50 for each additional page
Court Certification and Seal $0.50 per document
Record Search $10 per name, per search plus copy charge

Fax/E-mail -

  • Call 307-358-3165 for permission and fee costs and may email:                     
  • Fax line: 307-358-9783
  • All documents are to be numbered and cannot exceed 50 pages.  
  • Fees by Electronic means are $1 per page, incoming and outgoing, and needs to be received by District Clerks      Office within 10 days of sending.
  • No Confidential Documents.
  • No Initial Pleadings or Application for Civil Writs.


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