Natural Resources Planning Board

Board Criteria

The Natural Resources Planning Committee is a 7-member committee appointed by the County Commissioners. Qualifications for this board include involvement with and expertise in the various multiple uses of federal and state managed lands, as well as knowledge of the customs, culture, economic viability, and social stability of Converse County. No person employed by any federal or state agency shall be eligible to serve.

Contact the County Clerk for more information.


Name Appointed/Reappt Term Expires
Frank G. Eathorn, Jr. Nov 2020 Nov 2023
Terry Henderson Nov 2019 Nov 2022
Tim Pexton Nov 2018 Nov 2021
Michelle Huntington Nov 2019 Nov 2022
Brady Vollman Nov 2017 Nov 2020
Mark Grant Nov 2018 Nov 2021
Brendon Grant Nov 2019 Nov 2022