Glenrock Area Solid Waste Disposal District Board


The Glenrock Area Solid Waste Disposal District (GASWDD) was formed in 2004 and operates as part of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality’s regionalization plan. The GASWDD Board oversees management of trash disposal in the CCSD#2 area, including all curbside municipal solid waste and homeowner-scale construction and demolition material, which is transferred to the Casper Regional Landfill via a buy-in agreement. Other items (metals, tires, used oil and household hazardous waste) are collected for recycling, while “greens” (grass clippings, shrubs, tree trimmings) are ground up for various uses. This Board also oversees the current final cap and closure of the existing cells at the Landfill and must ensure required monitoring and mitigation continues for the facility for the next several years. The District currently has five employees operating the facility six days/week.


  • Meets the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Glenrock Library.

Board Criteria

Appointments to the Glenrock Solid Waste Disposal District Board are made by the County Commissioners for residents within the area of Converse County School District #2, with terms of 3 years.  Go to the Special District page to view current board members and term expiration dates.
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Name Appointed/Reappt Term Expires
Kathy Weinsaft July 2022 (reappointment) August 2025
Margaret Nunn July 2022 (reappointment) August 2025
Jon Maines Sept 2023 (reappointment) August 2026
VACANT Accepting Applications ----
Artie Schubert July 2021 (reappointment) August 2024